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Norwegian Outdoor


Irene € 59,99

Ingrida € 54,95

Andrea € 39,99

Trine € 49,95

Tommy € 49,95

Mats € 59,99

Kjeld € 59,99

Eldgrim € 54,95

Nils € 59,99

Noa € 44,95

Benjamin € 44,95

Tarik € 49,99

Frank € 44,95



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Nordberg is aimed at the adventurers among us, the explorers and people who enjoy the beautiful nature that our world offers. Inspired by Norway and the raw Scandinavian outdoors, we provide you with the highest quality fleece jackets, softshells and winter jackets.

Our mission is to not only provide highly fashionable products, we want to make a difference with our unique quality and environmentally friendly products. We even take it a step further by collaborating with charities to increase our positive impact on the community.

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