We started our brand in a dark period of times – so they say.

A glance at the bright blue sea and we became as certain as she is. The waves may seem wild on the surface, but underneath there’s calmness. We are stunned by the luminousness of the ocean. The way water adapts to various circumstances keeps on inspiring us. Water evaporates and freezes; ice and snow will cover mountains and reach for the sky.

To us it’s clear: the darker the night, the brighter the stars. For that reason we started Qubz in precisely this period of space and time. Qubz brings light into the darkness. We keep pace with the changing world we live in. Moment by moment. Qubz consists of a vibrant team of specialists with transparent values – we care. Our menswear is protected against the elements. We adapt with the development of our technical designs and smart fabrics. To us the power of simplicity is of high value, but we certainly aren’t afraid to use bold and vivid colors. We believe a man needs a clear mind and his basic essentials: clever designs with eye-catching details. Let us take care of that for you.

Positivity is a mindset; you choose the world you see. Life is good, even in uncertain times. Be good to all that’s around you. And above all, be good to yourself. It starts with you. Now is the moment to be your best self. Wear Qubz and stand out of in the crowd by being bright. Pass it on – and activate with optimism. Let the positive mentality be contagious.

​Be bright.

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